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July 13, 2018
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*Disclaimer: Samina is not a nutritionist or trainer. These are just tips that work for her. Make sure you do your own research and check with your doctor when applicable.*

If you know the first thing about Samina, you would know that she’s a massive advocate of incorporating a good health and fitness routine into our lives. She always posts about it on her Instagram, from stories of her at the gym to her ESM Holiday Camp challenges where she encourages all mommies and babies to take part. After high demand, Samina decided to share all of her tips and advice on how she remains fit and healthy, along with guiding you on how you can, too!


We’ve all heard the phrase “a good body is made in the kitchen”, and Samina is one of the many people that stands by this. The first step to adopting a healthy lifestyle is clean eating. Here are simple things you can do to improve your eating habits, little by little:
    • Change your cooking oil. Chances are, you’re probably using sunflower or canola oil to cook with. While these are okay to consume in small doses, there are healthier variants out there that make your food taste just the same, if not better. Samina uses Down to Earth’s Organic Virgin Cold-Pressed Coconut oil; it’s low in calories and provides the body with a lot of nutrition. Using a healthier alternative may be one small change, but it results in a massive difference.
    • Treat yourself sometimes. Samina uses ghee in her food from time to time, and as someone with a massive sweet tooth, has chocolate a little more often than she should! But there is nothing wrong with treating yourself, as long as you stay within your caloric limit. If you’re trying to lose weight, you might want to try and avoid these treats as much as you can, though.
    • Caveman’s Diet. Samina likes the general idea that the Caveman’s Diet promotes, which is to decrease your intake of unnatural foods. She goes for fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the mornings and evenings, and has a heavy lunch as late as possible (usually around 3-4 PM), and then goes back to light snacks for the rest of the evening. Her lunch could be anything she feels like having that day, from pasta to rice and gravy, and so on. Her only limit is ensuring she doesn’t overdo the calories. Do make sure you’re sensible when it comes to your carb intake as well, as eating pasta or pizza every day does not only contribute to weight gain but also leaves you feeling lethargic and sick!
    • Green juice. Packed with nutrients and made differently each time, green juices are an amazing way to get all your fruits and veggies down in a few minutes. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes online that you can try out, and the best part is you can use the produce you want. All you need is a blender! Samina tries to have one every morning, and here is a recipe that she swears by.
Bottom line: the main point here is to nourish your body. Whatever you put in is what will show not only in your weight but also your skin and your energy levels amongst other things, so make sure it is all organic and clean. If you’re looking to lose weight, try out the My Fitness Pal app, where you can input your stats (weight, height) and get an ideal calorie goal that you’re supposed to limit yourself to per day. There are a lot of other features within the app, like a diary section where you can record everything you eat, so definitely check it out!


Although counting calories can definitely help you shed the extra pounds, you won’t be able to eat your way to a six-pack. Here is where the gym comes in. Now before you roll your eyes and stop reading, hear me out! Exercising does NOT mean running on a treadmill six times a week and hating every second of it. The whole point is to get your heart rate up and sweat a little, and you can do that any way you like. Below are ways that are trialed, tested, and recommended by Samina!
    • Cycling. Whether you decide to rent one and ride around the city, or hope on a cycling machine at the gym, this particular exercise is great for working out your lower body. Samina enjoys going to SoulCycle, which are 45-minute indoor cycling classes. It’s specialty is high-intensity cardio and rhythm-based choreography, and can help you lose 500-700 calories a session.

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  • Pole fitness. A combination of dance and acrobatics, pole fitness is an art form that has gained mainstream popularity in the recent years. Aside from increasing your general fitness levels, it increases core strength and helps tone the body as a whole.
  • Dancing. Whether it’s to your favorite song in the privacy of your home, or with 20 other people in a Zumba class at the local gym, dancing is by far the most fun way to sweat. There are so many different types that your choices are endless! All you need is some space and some tunes. If you’re a beginner, there’s plenty of YouTube tutorials online which you can watch and dance along to, such as PopSugar Fitness.
  • Stair climbing. If you’re feeling lazy or don’t have access to a gym, Samina recommends putting on a pair of trainers and the climbing stairs in your apartment building. It’s great a strength and cardio workout, but it can be dangerous if not done properly. If you’re a beginner, start off slow by just walking up steps. Remember to warm up and practice good form. When doing down the stairs, never run as you could be at risk of falling or even locking your knees.
Bottom line: find an activity you enjoy! Whether it’s any of the suggestions above or something you like to do, like a sport, or swimming, or even just plain old running…just make sure you have fun with it. The whole point is that it shouldn’t be hard.



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