Palmer’s Foot Magic Review – Food for feet! 

Good news for all the Chocoholics!
February 27, 2018
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February 27, 2018
How annoying is it that even after our monthly pedicure sessions, we end up with dry heels! I'm sure everyone has wondered at least once what they are doing wrong.

For me, dry heels rubbing against satin is like the screeching sound that comes from scratching a chalk board! 

Well here's the solution - The Palmer's Foot Magic formula will leave you with baby soft skin!

 For best results, just wear cotton socks after application just before bedtime. The next morning - Voila! Baby soft!

 It is a powerful fusion of cocoa butter enriched with vitamin E and other ingredients to penetrate deep into skin, leaving it soft, smooth and super moisturized. The smell of peppermint oil adds an extra zing to your step and soothes tired feet, this lush balm will soften even the driest of feet, restoring your feet back to its former smoothness.

The texture is like petroleum jelly which instantly tells you how nourished your feet will be. Go on, try it out! :)

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Products provided by Palmer's but my opinion is honest and my own. 
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Samina Merchant
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