The Ultimate Chocoholic’s guide – Dubai 😍 [My fave desserts]

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February 27, 2018
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June 18, 2018
Everyone who knows me, knows, that I’m the biggest chocoholic! So you can blindly trust me on me these desserts. 💁🏻‍♀️ No disappointment guaranteed.  

The following 10 desserts are in no particular order. Here goes..

1. MOLTEN ME @molten_me

These tiny jars of molten cakes are the best I have had out of a mason jar! You can choose between 3 bases : 1. Chocolate 2. White chocolate 3. Red velvet 

My favourite flavour inside is the Double chocolate or Hazelnut chocolate 

[ Price : DHS 20 ] Scoop of ice cream is extra.

[ Location : Wasl Vita Mall, Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1, Dubai ]

2. COCOVILLE @thecocoville 

The Signature Cocopod at this place is another fave of mine. It has lots of brownies, ice cream and chocolate inside. But you can't have this alone. A minimum of 4 people need to be there and this is coming from a me, so don't challenge yourself! If I couldn't, then you can't either 😛

[Price : DHS 100 ] 

[Location : 51 Street, Jumeirah 1, Dubai - Behind Dubai Zoo]

3. BERTIN @bertinbistro

*Photo #repost from their instagram page

The Chocolate Fondant Fantastic - Fresh from the oven, this tastes like heaven! They have a side of caramel and sea salt to sprinkle on top of it and a soft centre once we dig our spoon in it.

[ Price : DHS 60 ]

[Location : Al Manara, Street 21 B, Opposite Times Square. Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai ]

4. HOME BAKERY @home_bakery

*Photo #repost from their instagram page

Chocolate chewy cookies - These are the cutest, softest and chewiest cookies. Warm them up and they melt in your mouth!

[Price : DHS 50 for a box]

[Location : Galleria Mall, Al Wasl Road. next to Box Park. ]

5. CHILIS @chilisuae

*Photo #repost from their instagram page

Everyone in the UAE knows that Chilis has one of the best molten cakes. It's the benchmark for most residents here. 

[ Price : DHS 40 ]

[Location : All the malls in Dubai ]

6. ICE LAB @icelabuae

Their milkshakes and the ice creams in the Nutella jars are super refreshing! Their presentation is instagrammable. They aren't overly sweet but chocolatey enough for chocolate lovers.

[ Price : Small jar DHS 25 and large jar DHS 35 ]

[Location : Al Quoz 2]

7. DIP N DIP @dipndipuae

*Photo and video is a #repost from their instagram page

Chocolate Brownies Crepe - The presentation itself will give you chills! Chocolatey and chewy and super rich! I would suggest avoiding lunch before hitting his place. ;)

[Price : DHS 40]

[Location : Al Barsha Mall, Dubai Mall]

8. CHOCOLATE INJECTION @chocolateinjection

The Nutella cookie cake - The only injection I like is the the Nutella injection in this cookie. All you Nutella lovers - this one is for you! 

[ Price : DHS 30 ]

[Location : Al Warqaa]


*Photo #repost from their instagram page

Chocolate fondant - Since this place is in most malls, inevitably you just end up here and it's always a winner! The chocolate inside is a bit thick so may not be too instagrammable when taking a video. But the taste is amazing! 

[Price : DHS 44]

[Location : All the malls in Dubai ]

10. GODIVA CHOCOLATE BAR @godivaarabia

*Photo #repost from their instagram page

Chocolate fondant filled with milk and dark chocolate salted caramel ganache. I think the Godiva chocolate itself is hard to replicate. The consistency of the chocolate is absolutely perfect! Not too thick or not too runny.

[Price : DHS 48]

[Location : JBR, Mall of the Emirates ]

Go on guys... drown yourselves in chocolate! 😁


- Opinions are honest and my own.

- Some of the images have been taken from their instagram page as mine were not as clear
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