How influencers are changing the world of marketing

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In a world where customers are used to reading at least a few reviews before buying anything, social media has transformed marketing for a decade now.

Statistics show that a little over 80% of consumers prefer to hear or read reviews from actual people rather than the company itself due to the trust factor of a third party introducing a product which is not "theirs."

This is where influencers come in. 🗣

Just regular/ relatable people sharing the fascination for the same type of products that the consumers are looking for. 

If social media disrupted traditional advertising, Influencer Marketing is the disruptive innovation for content strategy. 

Research shows, there is even a guaranteed visibility just like paid ads for a fraction of the cost.  💸

Moreover, influencers are able to create high quality content just in the name of passion. 🤳

If companies haven't considered influencers in their marketing strategy, here are the first 4 reasons that will convince you to start now : 

1. Influencers have a wider reach to various segments of the market 

Distributing content can be even more difficult than creating it. Companies are limited to the same followers or paid ads which can make them question the target audience. Influencers allow you to reach a wider audience without them feeling like something is being sold to them. The sound of it is more genuine because it's a regular voice which increases the likelihood of gaining customers.

*Above image taken from google images

2. Influencers are able to improve the turnover rate 

The audience following these influencers are already actively seeking advice from the accounts they follow. People are only following the fashion bloggers that suit their style or the food bloggers that have similar taste in food. Influencers are able to increase your following and boost your sales. 

I, myself have taken advice from fashion bloggers from where they have got their comfortable shoes from. Or from food bloggers as to where they found the best chocolate cake in town. 

Therefore, influencer collaborations are way more effective in getting your information about products across rather than paid ads which sound like a desperate need to sell their products. • Above image is myself (Instagram handle : @sammsyreel) collaborating with a fashion brand called Raw Orange Clothing.

3. Influencers are able to produce good content for a fraction of the cost

The cost that goes into advertising comprising photographers, equipment, managers, models, writers and editors that create professional content, is expensive. Influencers produce superior quality content for a much less spend.... for now.  Moreover, that content is able to reach unexpected multiple channels. Influencers are able to resonate better with their set of audience in terms of themes, events and trends in a way which would be very difficult for marketing teams to compete with. *Above is an image of myself (instagram handle : @sammsyreel) endorsing Omasi Beach wear.

4. Influencers provide a trusted endorsement of your brand.  

As an influencer, I have turned down several products that do not resonate with me. For e.g.  coffee or tea that is supposed to help you lose weight as. I haven't been a coffee or a tea addict, therefore, I avoid endorsing products that don't fit my lifestyle. Hence, there is a level of trust that consumers have with the products that influencers endorse.  Although influencer collaborations are sometimes paid sponsorships or based on gratuity, even then, influencers provide a level of reliability and endorsement for the brand that boosts the value of their content.

Brand marketers take note : Research has shown that the only thing companies would have to look for is how well the brand fits with the influencer's content and lifestyle.  This is why selecting influencers who closely align with the brand is key. The benefits of an influencer’s endorsement is powerful, but only if it truly fits with their lifestyle.

An orchestrated Instagram post displaying a brand and how it fits into an Influencer's lifestyle provides a credible endorsement. It gives a much less feeling of a brand trying hard to self-promote.  Social media influencer marketing is extremely cost efficient with reported 11 times ROI than the traditional digital campaigns.

*Above image taken from google images

These are just a few reasons why influencers are not only your new company backbone but have also created a disruption in traditional advertising.

Brand marketers... are you listening?  😎

Samina Merchant 
Samina Merchant
Samina Merchant
Destination specialist, mum of 2 girls, influencer, chocoholic!

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