About Me

How it all started

I started my Instagram page in February 2017 with absolutely no intention of blogging. I hit 1000 followers in a month and when small businesses started approaching me to market them, is when I learned about Social Media Influencing. Until then, I had no idea that something like this even existed.

  • Exactly a year in February 2018, I had 12,000 + organic followers
  • Each photo takes me at least 1 hour to upload - editing the clarity, thinking about the caption, adding the trending hashtags, etc.
  • Even my Insta stories - if it’s a collaboration, no matter how big or small, a lot of thought goes into each story and how everything should compile well enough for people to enjoy and continue watching
  • I don’t say yes to every company/brand that approaches me, I only say yes to what I truly believe in
  • Have collaborated with over 45 brands within 1 year and have been the brand ambassador to 2
  • I started doing a bit of everything - food, fitness, fashion, beauty, motherhood, lifestyle. However, I can feel a niche coming on and it is narrowing down to what my followers enjoy seeing. You tell me ;)
  • The biggest title I get from most of my followers is that I inspire them - The constant multitasking they see on my Instagram.

A few fun facts about me

  • Mother of 2 beautiful girls #SayMashallah
  • I am a super strict parent
  • I am originally from Bangalore, India
  • I have lived in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Bangalore, London and Melbourne
  • Citizen of Australia and the UK
  • Have changed 6 schools in 12 years
  • Have interacted with several nationalities and continue to do so with my job
  • I am a Relocation Consultant and work for one of the top Relocation companies in Dubai.
  • Blogging is only my hobby but I invest a lot of time in it and absolutely love it.
  • I have studied Business Administration in Marketing
  • Was on the basketball team throughout high school
  • I’m a social butterfly. I can be best friends with a 2 year old and an 80 year old. Getting along is my favourite game.
  • I love driving and have a drivers licence from 3 countries and driven in 5 until now.
  • I am a chocolate addict. Not like the rest of the girls in the world.. a little more. ;)
  • I am a great cook because of my experience as a stay-at-home mom for several years but don’t enjoy it as much anymore. But whenever I do cook, everyone is at my place and nothing is ever left at the end. Skill is skill. 😎
  • I love interacting with my followers and giving them my honest reviews and suggestions

Please feel free tocontact mefor questions or collaborations 🤗